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It’s getting close to one of the best times of year in Alabama – Fall. The weather finally cools down enough so that we can comfortably enjoy the outdoors. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce three trips for this Fall. Variety is key here as we have a simple camping trip planned for families, a day hike planned for men and women and our traditional men’s overnight backpacking trip. Make plans to get out and enjoy great fellowship and fun in a gorgeous piece of God’s creation right here in Alabama.

Here are our planned trips. Complete info and sign up available on the Upcoming Trips page.




Complete info and sign up available on the Upcoming Trips page.

Reboot Wilderness in their own words

Unplugging from the routine, enjoying scenery and finding community. These are just a few of the common words I’ve heard when we’ve asked the men and women to describe their short journey into God’s creation on a Reboot day hike or camping trip right here in the Alabama wilderness. Spending time unplugging from your day-to-day routine and joining with others to explore the outdoors is a great way for a fresh perspective.  But don’t just take it from us, here are a few words from some past Reboot participants:

Trevor Sipsey group photo

“Reboot Wilderness is such a great way to fellowship and experience God. The hiking trips are well planned out, the lessons are thought provoking, and it’s a great way to get to know other brothers in Christ.”

  • Trevor Anderson, backpacking and day hike participant from Connecticut

Frank Borden Creek crossing

“I have participated in several overnight backpacking trips and day hikes with Reboot. The trips allow a person to get away from the everyday stresses of life and ‘reboot’ with a greater focus on God and Jesus Christ.

“Reboot has helped me to see the presence of God in nature. I would urge anyone to join in. It’s fun, refreshing and spiritually motivating – all at the same time.”

  • Frank Caskey, backpacking and day hike participant from Montgomery, Alabama

Misty Smith Mountain group

“(My husband) Joe and I enjoyed the hike on Saturday! It was such a blessing to be with everyone that was there. We enjoy getting to know other fellow believers in Christ along with hiking through the beauty observed at Lake Martin. It is awesome to take time and enjoy the outside beauty created by our Lord.”

  • Misty Trusell, day hike participant from Wetumpka, Alabama

Noah Cheaha

 “My favorite thing about going on a Reboot trip is the feeling of being out of your routine. You’re with a group, but you’re out with no deadlines or schedules or phone calls. Focusing on God’s creation and the majesty of it, then spending a little time each day discussing it is very powerful and fun. It is surprising how refreshing and rejuvenating such a short trip can be.”

  • Noah Dean, backpacking and father-son camping participant from Montgomery, Alabama

Join us on a fall trip and experience the same thing. Renewal awaits!

Noah Cheaha group

Father-son camping trip coming April 7-8


Just about the only thing I enjoy more than spending time outdoors on our backpacking trips is sharing that time and those memorable experiences with my family. I’ve especially enjoyed camping with my now five-year-old son and seeing his excitement and enthusiasm as we share that special experience. It deepens our bond, and I hope it will be something he looks back upon with very fond memories.

With that in mind, I wanted to open that experience to share with other dads and sons. I know sometimes planning is the hardest part in our busy lives, especially if you don’t camp that open. So in partnership with my church, Centerpoint Fellowship – Pike Road, I’m organizing a father-son camp out at Fort Toulouse Park in Wetumpka, just 20 minutes or so from Montgomery. It’s open to all fathers and sons.

Our agenda will be simple: Have fun, enjoy exploring the outdoors and open spaces at Fort Toulouse and enjoy each other’s company. The site is very close to the bathhouse/restrooms. We will get started around 3 p.m. on Friday and end around noon on Saturday. Cost TBD but no more than $15 per family (pay when you arrive).

We will provide:

  • Hot dogs and chips for dinner
  • Hot chocolate and cookies for evening
  • Bottled water
  • Instant coffee

You will need to bring:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bags and pillows
  • Sleeping pads/air mattresses
  • Chairs (There are some wood benches available around the firepit)
  • Flashlights, headlamps and/or lanterns for night
  • Bug spray/hygiene items
  • Personal drinks and additional snacks if desired
  • Jackets, hats and gloves for cold weather
  • Something for breakfast on Saturday morning (We can provide hot water for instant oatmeal, grits, etc.)

Sound good? Click here to reserve your spot. 

Announcing Reboot spring 2017 backpacking trips

I’m not sure about you, but I’m itching to get outside to enjoying some fresh air, nice scenery, a campfire and great times exploring God’s creation right here in Alabama. With that in mind, we’ve got a couple of men’s overnight backpacking trips planned for the Spring. Come join us in exploring two pieces of God’s wonderful creation right here in our own Alabama backyard. As always, we love and welcome first-time backpackers. We can loan you most all of the gear you’ll need. Come join us for a great time of exercise, fresh air and fellowship. Sign up is required but free. All we ask is a small $25 fee to help cover expenses for each trip.

Click here for complete details about each backpacking trip. 



Announcing Fall 2016 backpacking trips

Fall will be here very soon, and we are pleased to offer a couple of men’s backpacking trips for the cooler weather.

I hope you’ll join us in exploring a piece of God’s wonderful creation right here in our own Alabama backyard. As always, we love and welcome first-time backpackers. We can loan you most all of the gear you’ll need. Come join us for a great time of exercise, fresh air and fellowship. Sign up is required but free. All we ask is a small $25 fee to help cover expenses for each trip.

Click here for complete information on both trips. 






Sign up now for Spring 2016 trips

Looking out over the Talladega National Forest from the Cheaha Wilderness.

Looking out over the Talladega National Forest from the Cheaha Wilderness.

This past fall and winter have been a wonderful season for me, my wife Amy and my oldest son Benjamin as we welcomed baby Noah to the world. Now that Noah’s a little older and the days are getting warmer and longer, I’m happy to announce a couple of Reboot trips for this spring.

I hope you’ll join us in exploring a piece of God’s wonderful creation right here in our own Alabama backyard. As always, we love and welcome first-time hikers and backpackers. We can loan you most all of the gear you’ll need. Come join us for a great time of exercise, fresh air and fellowship. Sign up is required but free. All we ask is a small fee to help cover expenses for each trip.

Men’s overnight backpacking to Cheaha Wilderness

Friday, April 8 – Saturday, April 9

Sept 1_Wordpress

This is a two-day, one-night adventure to the Cheaha Wilderness that combines hiking and camping along the trail with Bible study. We’ll unplug from technology, seek some adventure, hang out by the campfire and spend some time with God in His wilderness. We’ll also show you some basic camping/backpacking skills. No previous backpacking experience is required.This is a great starter trip.

We’ll hike the 7.5-mile Cave Creek loop and camp at scenic McDill Point. This is the perfect trip for beginners because while parts of the hike are challenging, the trail and distance is easy enough that anyone in halfway decent shape should have no problem. We have all the basic gear you’ll need, including backpacks, backpacking tents, compact sleeping bags and sleeping pads.

We will leave Montgomery at 11 a.m. on Friday morning and return by late afternoon on Saturday.

There is no cost for the hike; however we ask that you contribute $20 to a pool for gas money and group dinner expenses. We’ll have a pre-trip meeting the Sunday before the hike to go over all the details and get your loaner gear to you.

Space is limited and registration is required.

Click here to fill out a quick form and reserve your spot.


Day hike to Smith Mountain Fire Tower along Lake Martin

Saturday, May 14

Taking a rest break at the top of Little Smith Mountain

Hiking in the Smith Mountain area.

Come enjoy some fresh air, exercise and fellowship as we spend a spring afternoon exploring a beautiful part of God’s creation along the shores of Lake Martin. We’ll climb the Smith Mountain Fire Tower, a recently restored lookout point that provides scenic views of the lake, and then explore some of the trails in the area. It is a moderate 2.5 mile hike over somewhat hilly terrain. After the hike, we’ll enjoy lunch at a nearby lakeside restaurant.

We will leave Montgomery around 8:30 a.m. and return by late afternoon/early evening.

There is no cost; however we ask that you contribute $5 to a pool for gas money and bring $$ to purchase your own lunch. More details will be emailed to participants closer to the trip date.

This hike is open to men and women. Space is limited.

Click here to fill out a quick form and reserve your spot.

Have questions about either trip? Contact Mike Presley at

Back in action

So…long time, no update. I’ve had a wonderful season of welcoming baby Noah to the world and to our home this fall and winter. But I am happy to report that Reboot will be back in action with at least one overnight backpacking trip and hopefully one day hike trip this spring. More details to come soon.


Don’t give up hope


Benjamin shares our big news.

The news came suddenly and rather surprisingly back in early March. After more than two years of trying to conceive our second child, I’d been so used to the same cycle that I expected to hear the same result from my wife Amy and to walk through that same familiar feeling of disappointment that we’d done so many times before.

But this was different. The test was positive. Amy was pregnant with our second child. Praise God!

I almost couldn’t believe it. It felt like it wasn’t real. It couldn’t be possible that after two years of challenges, doubt, uncertainty and tremendous transition that God had blessed us with a second child. But it was true. All of it!

From the outset, we knew we might be in for a challenge. It took about a year to conceive Benjamin, our first child, back in 2010. That was a time of uncertainty and questioning but we slowly learned to trust in God and his timing. We thought that period was hard, but little did we know about the path ahead.

We always felt that our family wasn’t complete at three and knew that God put the desire for second child on our hearts, but some days it seemed like an impossible dream. We’d both been through tests and screenings. Yet, we never gave up hope and we never stopped praying. But for some reason there is sometimes this disconnect that even though you see God’s faithfulness, provision and miracles in the Bible and in the testimonies of friends and other believers, you don’t think he will bless you in the same way. I mean either God is God and we are part of His story today or he’s not.

I’ve learned so much: humility, patience, surrender, persistence and trust in God’s timing. But most of all I’ve learned about endurance, about trusting what God is telling you through the Holy Spirit and not giving up faith. It’s easy to give up, but to endure and finish you must keep moving and keep trusting in God and His timing.

A Reboot backpacking trip in northwest Alabama’s Sipsey Wilderness in March reminded me of this journey. On the first day of trip, me and five other guys hiked about 6 miles through the rain and mud crossing numerous streams on our way to see the very scenic but very rugged Bee Branch Canyon and Big Tree area. It was a pretty tough challenge. We made camp that night very close to our destination, but with the hardest part of the journey still ahead on day two. The last half-mile follows an unmaintained trail to get to the Big Tree. The path is full of tree blowdowns you have to hopscotch over and sometimes crawl under. The terrain that day was very muddy and slick. It felt like walking 2 or 3 miles.

About 30 minutes into hiking this difficult last stretch, it was easy to think about giving up and just turn back. However, we pushed through and only about 5 minutes later, we were rewarded with the awesome and exhilarating views of the canyon and its waterfalls. We were pumped and relived to finally make it to this remote, rugged canyon. We had endured, and this was our reward. A journey of 6 ½ rugged, hard-fought miles was complete.

One of the waterfalls at Bee Branch Canyon in the Sipsey Wilderness.

One of the waterfalls at Bee Branch Canyon in the Sipsey Wilderness.

As we spent about 45 minutes exploring the area, my mind wandered to thinking, “what if we had given up and turned back just minutes before our destination?” Enduring and pushing through 5 more minutes of pain was totally worth it to get to the awesome, scenic reward of the tallest poplar tree in Alabama framed by two waterfalls.

With our second child, what if we had given up hope after a year? What if we’d stopped praying after 18 months? What if I believed and given in to some fears that arose after I had a test done? What if we’d given in to some suggestions offered by a well-meaning nurse? Thank God we trusted Him and followed the Holy Spirit’s lead.

The whole thing finally became less like a dream and more real for me when we were standing in the ultrasound room at Amy’s first maternity appointment. After getting a glimpse at this 6 ½ week miracle with a strong heartbeat, we prayed and gave thanks to God. It was overwhelming. God is faithful!

Now we are on new trail in our journey as a family. We’ve still got a few more months to go the pregnancy and a lot to prepare for before we welcome our second son into the world this fall. There are some uncertainties, but I know this: as long as you as a family put God first and seek after His kingdom, he will provide what you need exactly when you need it.

If you are facing something or in the middle of something and feel like quitting and giving into fear: Never give up hope. Never stop praying. Never stop believing that God the creator of the universe loves you and cares for you. Don’t listen to the voices of fear that tell you lies like it won’t happen to you, that this is a punishment, that you aren’t good enough. It’s not true.

If you don’t know Christ. I beg of you to turn to Him and seek Him. Having a deep relationship with Christ is the most important thing you can have in your life. He is your shepherd, your guardian, your hope, your rock. He will transform your life from the inside out. As this piece hopefully shows, your life won’t be free of troubles, but you’ll always have everlasting and eternal hope.

“Even though the fig trees have no blossoms and there are no grapes on the vine; even though the olive crop fails, and the fields lie empty and barren; even though the flocks die in the fields and the cattle barns are empty, yet I will rejoice in the Lord! I will be joyful in the God of my salvation. The sovereign Lord is my strength! He will make me as surefooted as a deer and bring me safely over the mountains.”  Habakkuk 3:17-20

God's word always offers a spring of hope.

God’s word always offers a spring of hope.

God uses the ordinary

Gaining a new perspective from an overlook along the Pinhoti Trail.

Think you aren’t qualified enough to do something God has called you to? I don’t feel qualified either.

But guess what? The Bible is littered with tons of examples of God using everyday, ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things for His kingdom.

When I started Reboot, I didn’t have any sort of formal ministry training. I just had a love for backpacking and hiking and just being outdoors. And I think helping people connect to Christ for the first time or deepen their relationship with Christ is the most important thing I can do. So, I felt strongly that God was calling me to combine the two into what is now Reboot Wilderness. But it took a step of faith to overcome my fear and make this idea a reality.

As I’ve walked through this ministry for the past couple of years, I’m continuing to learn a lot. One of the biggest lessons is that if God is calling you to do something, He’s going to provide what you need exactly when you need it. It might not look like what you think it should, but He will lead you step-by-step. However, it requires taking that first scary step where it goes from an idea that you’ll do someday when you have more time, more training, etc. to reality.

In my experience, this is the point when Satan often uses his handy tricks of self-doubt and fear. I start thinking I’m not qualified or not good enough and then I really start to overthink everything. I don’t think I’m alone with that feeling, and sometimes it is enough to scare us away and prevent us from even trying something that God is calling us to do. But the Bible is very clear that these are the types of people God loves to use.

Recently, I’ve been hit with this theme a lot in my Bible reading, as I prepare to start a weekly men’s small group lunch gathering. I think we sometimes forget the power of God when we trust Him, surrender our agendas to Him and are obedient to what He is calling us to do – whether it is something simple or something really big.

Check out these examples:

Most of the disciples were fishermen with no special education, hardly the qualification one would look for on paper when selecting candidates for spreading the Good News about Christ to the world.

When Peter and John went before the ruling council after healing a lame man in Jesus’ name at the Temple entrance, they were filled with the Holy Spirit so much that it shocked the Jewish leaders.

“The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men who had had no special training. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.” – Acts 4:13

The prophet Amos was just a shepherd and a fig-tree grower when God called him to send a warning message to Israel and Judah.

“I am not one of your professional prophets. I certainly never trained to be one. I’m just a shepherd, and I take care of fig trees. But the Lord called me away from my flock and told me, ‘Go and prophesy to my people in Israel.’” – Amos 7:14-15


David as a child…

The list goes on….

Don’t feel qualified? You are in very good company. Take the next step and surrender that fear to God and trust Him to be faithful to what He is calling you to do.

Why go on a Reboot Wilderness Adventure?


In a world of full of complexity and busyness, we all crave a little simplicity. What if we had the chance for a day to unplug from the technology, stress and distractions of our daily lives and connect with God and with others while exploring a wild and rugged piece of His Creation?

Reboot hiking and backpacking adventures are low-cost, fun and welcoming to first-timers. They allow us to catch our breath and refocus. We’ve got the basic gear you need including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and sleeping pads for overnight trips. We only ask a small fee to cover costs.

Reboot is a chance to:

– Live simply and uncluttered for a couple of days. When you camp on the trail, you must carry all your possessions on your back.

– Meet new friends and have fun and fellowship with other men.

– Get great exercise and build your endurance. We usually hike 7-10 miles over two days.

– Earn the privilege of experiencing Alabama’s most breathtaking sights.

– Eat Conecuh Sausage and not feel guilty. You’ll burn the calories on the trail.

– Take a break from Twitter, Facebook and your constantly buzzing phone.

– Experience a real-life adventure while other men are sitting on the couch watching “Man vs. Wild” or playing video games.

– Most importantly, connect with our Creator by exploring His wild, rugged creation. We do this via stopping and sharing along the trail, an evening campfire discussion and a short time of solitude. All discussions are low-pressure. You can participate as much or as little as you’d like.

The group for the Fall 2014 Sipsey trip.

The group for the Fall 2014 Sipsey trip.

Planned Spring 2015 trips

Saturday, March 7: Day hike to Deadening Alpine Trail along the shores of Lake Martin. This 2.5 mile hike is open to men and women and designed as an introduction to the Reboot experience. The trail covers moderate terrain with lots of short up and down sections. We’ll leave Montgomery in the morning and return by mid-afternoon. Click here to reserve your spot. 

Friday, March 20- Saturday, March 21: Men’s overnight backpacking to Sipsey Wilderness. We’ll hike Trail 209 along the Sipsey River with the goal of exploring the famous and sometimes elusive Bee Branch Canyon and Big Tree. We’ll leave Montgomery Friday morning and return early Saturday evening. Click here to reserve your spot. 

Friday, May 1- Saturday, May 2: Men’s overnight backpacking to Sipsey Wilderness.  The destination will be the same as the March hike but we’ll take a completely different route. We’ll start at the Thompson Trailhead and hike Trail 206 along Thompson Creek until it meets up with the west side of Trail 209 along the Sipsey. We’ll take the side trail to explore Bee Branch Canyon and the famous Big Tree. We’ll leave Montgomery Friday morning and return early Saturday evening.  Click here to reserve your spot.